it's me, holding a fennec fox. it's true.

could it be more precious?

(but here's the thing. i'm the gal that has written on youtube videos about people having wild animals as pets and how shitty i think it is. and i didn't want to give in and try to talk about the fox, but YOU GUYS, you all know me well enough to know that i COULDN'T stop staring. and you guys, i don't think people should have wild animals as pets (maybe unless you save it and it's hurt and all that...)..but he was so sweet. and he let me pet him and he didn't need to be at The Bean, on South St. when he doesn't like loud noises. he needs to be cuddling up in his own den. and i love him and i wanted to run run run away with him, but ... ... good luck to you tiny man. i hope in your next life you don't have to belong to anyone.)


Carrie Collins said...

oh my GOOOOOOOOOOODness. its torture aint it?

Lia said...

i dont understand? did they steal the fox from the forest? how is it there? how did they know it was a fox? wont it try to eat their friends cats? why does it look so sad?

kenzaloo said...

it's on fucking south street.
it's a fox, on south street. it's life sucks. and hopefully someday it won't

mouse said...

did the people purchase the fox or steal it from Robin Hood and Maid Marion? Either way, it's cuter than hell and I want it but I don't really want it cause it ain't uhposed to be in the reg world, it's posed to be hiding and eating bad guys.

kenzaloo said...

yaaaaaah!!!! it's uhposed to be eating BAD GUYS!!!!! poor thing. i'm in love with him. but i feel awful for heem