from miss mayuu, whom i love and badly miss.

can i please tell all of you how happy i am that you think of me when you see such creatures? i know, i know, it's just a cat. but i love them. and i think they're so cool. and i hope you think of me when you see hearts, and when you see foxes, and when you see sloths, and when you see a happy old couple, and when you see green eyes, and when you smell roses, and when you see donuts, and when you're laughing, and when you're hugging your mom, and when you're swimming, and when you're eating ice cream, and when you have a slice, and when you're in ohio, and when you take a deep breath, and when you meet a tiger, and when you get eaten by a bear.
thank you.


mouse said...

all the time thinkin of you when i get chomped by a bear and i totes thought of you when i met a tiger yesterday.

kenzaloo said...

iiiiiiiiiiiiii KNEW it!