welcome home sue

sue got picked up from the vet last night. in this perfect little box. her ashes are inside wrapped in black velvet. she was cremated on 7.13.07... i miss her.
i loved that she always slept with me...if it was on my chest, or on my pillow, or on the pillow beside mine, she was always there.
little thing, i wish i could welcome the real you back home... but, i guess the box of you will have to do.


nova said...

Zuulie asked me the other day when we were gonna be able to go back and visit you and Suebert. I had to explain to him what happened. He was really sad. He said, "I had a lot of fun with Sue. But she smelled really weird." Sue was loved.

kenzaloo said...

i love you and zuulie..... i wish you were here now!!!