yesterday - full of fun and animals

this is my friend alissa, with a rescue named tilly. she was on the phone...trying to talk her boyfriend, shawn, into getting a dog. she wanted tilly real bad.
while i was working on sueberts shrine, i had leftover paint, so i decided to paint a necklace... or, just a floating pink heart...ha. i miss when my mom used to paint my face in the summer. i think everyone should paint themselves every-once-in-a-while. because it's fun.
romona, a little mutt. she's abby's roomates pup. sooooooooo cute!!!
millie, 14 weeks old (i think). she's a bull mastiff. she's abby's new baby. she's spoiled and so much fun to push around and wrestle with.
this is lola...abby's pretty girl. you can kiss her lips, and she'll kiss you right back.

the view from the deck. south west view...it was such a beautiful night. we had a cookout. full of really yummy food.
south east view from the deck. we made a plan to camp out on the deck soon!!!

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