this morning - stanley

this morning, when i was walking home from the ben franklin bridge, i saw a man feeding a bunch of birds...pigeons and sparrows...he gave them tons of popcorn and white bread. i watched as he fed them. the birds weren't scared of him at all.
as the man walked away, i asked him if he feeds them at the same time everyday. he said "yes, same time everyday...10 o'clock...i get a break from work, and i come here. they know what time it is." "i feed them good wonder bread, and sometimes i cut up hotdogs and give it to them, they eat better than us." he had a wok shirt on, and i noticed that his name is stanley. he's from another country, he's missing most of his front teeth, and he rules. i'm going to go see him next weekend, at 10 o'clock.
he even refills their birdbath. it's a plastic bowl, that he puts a rock in so it doesn't blow away. the pigeons love it!!

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