this is cheater slicks...feeling Jessica Lea Mayfield's new song. in her dress. 
damnit he looks good.
yes. yes. yes.
i met this guy. this guy liked himself, and everyone else.
Jessica Lea Mayfield. amazing musician. rad girl.
crackerfarm shot her upcoming video.
a lovely rooftop view. 
Kevin Blechdom. awesome crazy music. fuckin a. 
we ran into these guys right after breakfast. eating crepes. losers. (shhhhhh...jokes)
these idiots were asleep in a store. matching dummies.
his name was chirp/chap/chip/.....something like that. he cleaned himself until i took a photo. good at posing. 
leo cracker
half of mike, kevin and monica. it was their birthday!!! she looks hot right?!

a lot more happened this weekend. i was too stupid to take pictures. 
cool. not cool.

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Crackerfarm said...

yeah...something's pretty wrong with Peter Pan...he looks diiffer'nt......