it's a family affair...

congratulations you two.
hope you live happily ever after.....

uncle ralph and michael

matilda wren and george oliver

monica and grams mcalpin, so cute.

the boys.

grams, aka bessie... love.

becky and mona...so pretty.

dancin it.

the best. michael and steve. this picture RULES.

uncle B, dad, nancy, aunt t, and grams mcalpin

elsa face and i. xoxoxo

michael and matt tackett, the only two in sock hats.

someone left somethin real special in the pot for the bride!!!

grams and jim sarver

corey, his cute girl, and ral.

josie and grams

dancin fools.

the above picture makes me happy.
we look like total idiots, so good.
me and my dad.


tonya had her something blue from momma.

kevin and monica, nice.

matilda and becky, BFF.

hahaha, weird.

this was fun. really really fun.


Warsaw Made said...

it really really was fun, and your knees looked hot. never seen 'em hotter.

lianehiggs said...

Great photos as usual! You look amazing and so does everyone! Tonya told me it was a great day with 250 guests, great drinks, awesome cupcakes, etc...and it looks like it! So happy for everyone!

kenzaloo said...

ewwww, knees.

mouse said...

FIRST: Stop with your knees! You are gorgeous now get to know that yourself. SECOND: I love these pics, totally fun to look thru, thanks for being that girl for us, Lou.
p.s. word is JAMRO, as in I'm in a real "Jamro" now.

Welcome said...

There's the chain! yep. Steve seems like a pretty good sport. I'm happy for you two.