dear mom,

it's really hard for me to think about how happy you would be for the giant Peach and his Tonya. ... I wish you could be there with all of us. you know we would be laughing and joking and poking and kissing and hugging and sniffing and loving and loving and loving. i know you will be there in spirit... you and teddy sanko lookin down on us, making your own jokes.
i miss you terribly. we all do.

not that i want pity, cause my life is so good. i am so very lucky.
but, sometimes i think that it's just not fair that we get to celebrate things that you would have loved more than any of us.
in saying that, i will enjoy every single moment to it's fullest. i will kiss and sniff and love and laugh and joke with your malissa, with your monica, with your michael, with your matilda, your george, your momma, and the new addition.. your tonya.

i can promise you that.

love always,
mackenzie lee

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