halloween halloween halloween

Chris, Bill and Matt
aka Eyeball Man, scary mask guy...i mean, really really scary guy, and Mr. T

Bill, Miriam, and Tricia


Kangaroo, Sexy Egg, hot dead girl, and Daria

Rub-a-Dub-Dub, 3 Men in a Tub...

Zoe aka Amelia Earhart

my gypsy husband aka Rory...he loves radishes

look at the lobster trying to drink!!!! sooooo funny!!! i love it.


the burger bride and her shake groom

the married couple...my tambourine rules.

rory and gunner

gunner above and dub below!!! THEY LOOK HOT!!!

this was basically my favorite costume of the night. she was super serious about keeping his arms around her.

chris and laura

gabriel and sabrina

some girl dancing crazy

weekend at bernie's ... sooooo gooooooood!!!!

Divine and the Period Fairy ..... yesssssss

Carrie Collins aka Fabric Horse
she threw the party!!! it was fun fun fun!!!

p.s. you can go to my flickr to see more halloween party photos:


rejuvinique said...

aw man! this looks like so much fun! why didn't i go to this instead??!?!? rejuvinique was soooooo bored on halloween.

tricia said...

fucking period fairy!!!! uuuuuhmazing!