Tattooed Moms Thanksgiving

first and foremost THANK YOU TATTOOED MOMS for this wonderful day of free food and beer. THANK YOU!!!
can you believe that this is real?
i love tattooed moms.

Dub and Ansel playing Operation

Gunner and Macchio

Monica (who came to see us for thanksgiving), Gunner and Dub...enjoying their foods.

Mom, oh mom...she was starving for the sweet potato mash.

oh and she needed to top the mash off with some Bud. you know mom....needing the Bud (ha..NOT).

Janelle, Dub, and Noe

we set Monopoly up, we didn't play, so i flipped it off.

a couple that was at moms, they built all these while eating their t foods, and um, i loved it...

my zert (aka dessert)
Mona and my red eyes!

hiding my face with Zack. i love Zack.

yah, so what, we drank a few.


found Gunner diggin on seconds while wearing Zack's helmet.
so awesome.

i loved this day. even if my eyes were swollen and itchy.
I'm thanksful for these people. and yes, i meant to say thanksful. have you seen American Movie?! cause i have.

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