nyc times

yum yum yum

labneh...oh how i love you.

...lentil soup is gooooooood too

we didn't eat these, but i kinda really wanted to

makeup times in the coffee shop

oh you two gals

oh hey mom, you drinking some whiskey? :)

i met these two guys...look at the wet paw prints on my jeans. i loved them.

kisses and thangs

monica, carrie, nick, elsa...so good seeing them and laughing
i miss them all always

dinner. yum

nick said "hey mona, did you drink all that...that looked like a big drink"
um, real real funny, cause it was the smallest soda ever.


Anonymous said...

that WAS the best dinner. good lord, all that pepper
n parmesan. good thymes...

noirohio vintage said...

mmm good times! LOVE your jacket!

maliss said...

Monica is amazing. Makeup at coffee talk. Love it. Nick's comment on her drink is gorgeous. Love the pizza and Schwepps. nice. love your "girly" jacket, lou. that pup looked like a muppet with only hims nosy out. fun times all around.

maliss said...

p.s. Mama sippin whiskey=amazing.