me update

i looked like this on tuesday.
you know, shining all types of rays. (the usual...NOT)
oh, and yesterday i started to look like the below picture. pretty cool allergic reaction eh?!
reeeeeeeal cool.
all i want to do is itch my eyes off.
"HEEEEEEEEEEEY YOUUUUUUUUUU GUUUYS!!!" - SLOTH (from the Goonies, get it?)
oh crap. i'm scary.


The Black Spot Books said...

babeeeeeeeee rufth? what 'appened?

kenzaloo said...

hahahahahahaha.......dude, the more i look at the picture of me all messed up, i laugh and i laugh. i look so pathetic. but that pic was taken at 6:30 this morning. i look BAD! yikes. can't believe i even posted it. but oh well. hahaha. weirdo

Emily Glaubinger said...

wtf happened?!

miss mosley said...

mackenzie maybe it was a bug?