3 awesome things

cool, do we really need to knock off snuggies? i mean, like knock them off in a cheap way? look how soooooooo photoshopped that girl head is. hahahaha.
so good. i think i answered my own question, yes....we need to knock them off, so i can take photos of the packaging.

ok, don't get on me for not buying the sign above, but i was with my friend, jamie, and he talked sense into me. did i really need a "jugglers do it better" sign?
shit, i did. i do.
note to self: never listen to jamie when i'm at a thrift store.

ahhhhhhh....boo berry!!! it's soooo good.
you never know though, boo berry could have been the cause of my face swelling.
i'll never know.
mmmmmmmmm, but so good.

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