welcome to florida... where you can,

see grams standing next to a fat kitty.

watch my uncle eat a baby.

hold a beautiful old gals hand.

swim in pools like this one.

look at creepy trees with lots of spanish moss hanging from them.

meet this guy.

make silly faces with this gal.

meet this old otter.

see this beautiful sunset!!!

see super cool palm trees with the moon in the background.

it's a place where Germans lose their sheperd.

see old gals drive these things around.

oh and you can see grams all pink and stuff.

maybe see my sister!!!!

look at sand fun!

2+3+2 = 7 Lee
(good one mona)

see little lizard guys hang out.

see where vampires live.

get happy, drink beer, and play yahtzee with this gal!

watch lizards do it.

let norfolk pines grow and grow and grow.

and florida is a place where you can see air fern everywhere you look.

it's nice there.

1 comment:

mouse said...

mackenzie. lizards doing it? I liked the gal at the local market gettin her Rascal on.