thank you noves and danno...

"good time friends of mine"

nova+danny-i love rocks so very much. so very very. thank you. i'll make believe that these rocks are my friends. and i'll kiss them and cuddle them and talk to them. i mean, people already think i'm a weirdo (which i am)(which we all are)...but anyway. i think you might be that speckled one that i'm kissing. i miss you and danno so very much. i love the cd. thank you. i very much think this package couldn't have come on a better day. i NEEDED it.
love forever and always
thank you

p.s. wouldn't it be cool if i could just carry around knives and rocks. like that was all that was in my purse. would be heavy, but would be so awesome.--oh yah, someday still, we have to go in the woods and make weapons. i love you two.

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