sweet unicorn sent to me from my Pen Pal from back in the day, Fred, who was in the Gulf war. I've never met Fred in person, but he can draw pretty awesomely. :)


carrie said...

what what huhwhat is that drawering??????????
r u serious? I would pass out fir that.

Anonymous said...

MACKENzie, I cannot believe that you actually asked that dude to draw you unicorns and teddy bears. YOu are amazing for your whole life, not just now. FOrever and always. You are the kind of lady that deserves a song to be written about her.

liss said...

Frame that shit! Holy Leedo, Loula! That is unreal. You need to look that Fred right on up, ya know? Wow! p.s. who's makin anonymous comments above me? Sounds like they likee.

kenzaloo said...

hey anonymous...who you be? will you write a song about me? yes please! :)
yotter...you would pass out fir it? whoa! amazing.
maliss...i love that you comment all the time.