dumb letter girl

here's a letter i wrote to Fred when i was 11. Fred was some dude in the Gulf war. We became pen pals. it's cool, I'm sure he was super interested in my letter. wtf, i can't believe anyone still likes me from when i was 11. haha ...
i typed it out for you if you can't read my amazing cursive. i kept all the misspelled words too. just in case.
Dear Fred, Aug. 6, 1991
What's up or down? Nothin much here! I am at Bingo with my grandma (and I'm bored)! I am sorry I haven't writen in so long!
This summer I have been doing a lot. I went to Church camp, basketball camp and Cedar Point. It was all fun! I met a lot of people their. More boys than girls! I already miss all of them!
I met one girl who was so anoying! She would always sing songs (over) from the Little Mermaid. Well I have NOTHING else to say so I should be going!

Friends Always!
Mack McAlpin

Sorry So Sloppy + Stupid


Anonymous said...

dear mackenzie, sup? nahmuch here. I am just writing to let you know that you are the most hilarious in the entire world and that the saigon shack looks killer.
oh well gotta go, have a good time at the war. lb

liss said...

Sorry So Sloppy AND Stupid. that is fuckin GOLD!