it's weird how peoples lives can be perceived through photos. i try hard to look at the bright side of things, but occasionally, like tonight, i punch my brothers car...you know, it happens. for the most part, honestly, my life is kinda turned upside down. i'm sure it will level at some point and i don't want to dwell (i'm sure no one else wants me to either) on the negative. --too much of that shit in this world already. i would like things to go back to normal. i would like all the moments that are not photographed to be just as great as those that are.
life is short, and i'm not sure i understand the point of all it, but...i do know that cats make me smile and that my hands hurt.


carrie said...

god, where did you come from, mack?
a surely magical place.

Warsaw Made said...

those photos are beautiful, and i love what you wrote. and...i remember another time when your hands hurt, for a different reason. a tamborine reason. a tamboreason, if you will. yesssssss.

Anonymous said...

i love you more than life. my hands hurt too from wringing them waiting to know when we'll be able to jump on couches and make up dumb words again and think we are the most hilarious people on earth. ever. you always seem to think you don't know anything but your wisdom of the human experience as a day to day phenomenon never ceases to amaze me and constantly reminds me that you are a pure fucking genius. i would know, because i;m only friends with super smarties and people who exist in the purest definition of the term. get back to me please.

p.s. word veriification is "honkiesss." just sayin.

gunner for life