KINGS ISLAND for the day

we drove in separate cars and malissa felt the need to show us just how many packs of gum they had in the car. (they had more than what she's holding--trust me!)
she rules.

michael, mitchell, tonya

george getting excited with his momma!

drop zone...this was the first ride of the day! one of my faves. matilda rode it!!! she was super tough through the whole thing. when we got to the top, i was like, "are you scared?"...she's said "i'm excited!"...so then it drops, haha...she barely screamed. when we were done, you could tell her tummy was feeling funny, so i picked her up, made her breathe and she whispered to me "that drop zone was scarier than i thought it was gonna be" ... i laughed so hard, and told her she was tough, even her uncle peach was scared of that ride! :)
photo of me by miss wren

photo of wren by me

michael, mitchell and matilda rode the log ride like 4 times in a row. they were soaked when they were finished. ha ha...

waiting around at the scooby ride. we decided to dance. mitchell is acting like he wasn't dancing, but he was.
george won this blue monkey...it was horrible to hold, tons of blue hair and so sticky... but george named him "purp" cause he had purple eyes. malissa tried to lose that thing all day...finally gave it away at the end of the day.

hahaha...mitchell got stuck holding purp!!! sucker!

smurf ice cream!!! (well, that's what we call it)
matilda's cone was wrecked, ha...so awesome.

smurf juice runnin down his arm, it was melting so fast!!! ha

roller coaster for matilda and george
miss you MONA!!!!!

michael said this thing looks like a STD in shorts.


front row, top of the hill...i video taped the whole ride, why? i don't know.
the beast is so awesome.

more sweet toys. ... ew

above and below are things we found on the tables. a marshmallow cheeseburger and a turkey leg/nerd combo. mmmmmm tasty,

candy candy candy...love love love

end of the day...straight chillin...super tired.
(maybe they are in love)

she rules, eating her soft pretzel.
she ordered "with salt" and picked it off!
best way to do it.


farls said...

Smurf ice cream effin rulz! It's not a Kings Island trip without it...love it!

Malissa said...

Smurf Cones withOUT sprinkles next time, please!
And why in the Sam Heck are you so damn hot, Lou!

I saw my head laughing rolling on the ground said...

ahhhahahah an std in shorts! thats funny.

Anonymous said...

is that a whole bunch a flourescent banana runts??????????

kenzaloo said...

yes, whole buncha flourescent banana runts is right