erika's 30th birthday!

sarah and david were in the party seat. they couldn't hear shit, cause maggie had the music blaring...awesome. they're cute.

just a coupla dudes hanging out before dinner.
which one is my brother? hmmm.

aw, maggie. has she changed at all? i'm not sure she has. crazy little fucker. :)

this is Kristina...she was in mid-talk, and i was gonna snap one, then she stopped, and smiled..just so perfectly. hilarious.

i'm not sure who sat these boys together, but they were dying laughing most of the night. reminiscing about high school drawings...they should hang more often. it was good to see ya'll together!

not sure where maggie went, but...this is them...known these gals since i was a tiny little thing. and somehow they've always loved me. deserving or not. they love me.
i'm so very lucky.

top left: april, erika, kelli, kristina, sarah
bottom left: maggie, me, delia, shelly
good gals right here. good ohio gals.

there's a little boy in this huge belly. just so you know.

look at that! how incredible. i couldn't keep my hands and eyes off of it.
it's soooo huge and amazing. he's due the end of next month. uh oh!!!

our little helper! ha, erika (birthday girl) brought him along to carry her things...

pretty birthday girl. ... wait, who's that little half naked kid in the pic?! i don't think he was invited. i think he might have been trying to crash our party.

hey girls--thank you (for everything!!! for my necklace, for all the food at moms celebration, for the gift certificates, and for all the love and support).
i love you. i was so happy to see all of you.
ohio girls are the shit. just sayin.

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Liss said...

Loula...you're hot!
Is that Miss Delia's belly with the baby boy in it? How perfect is she??? I've always thought that about her. Delish!
And who in that Helper boy with the balloons and vest and hat lookin all sweet and cute?