garage sale...day 1...

today went pretty good. could have gone better, if the city didn't take my 8 garage sale signs down...but we found a way around that! :)
just look at that signage
parked grams car on the corner......haha.

miss abigail got a fairy and a lot of bangle bracelets. i made her put that barbed wire jelly bracelet on! sooo awesome. she's the cutest.

here is the sale in full effect. look at abby...front and center. amazing.

this is gabriel. he found him a phone to talk to his friends on. could he be cuter?! ahh

cabeen in his spot for the day. he was my number one supporter!
posing with some ridiculous dolls, that are STILL in the garage sale.
steve posing like the doll that tonya is holding up, ... inside joke.

this hat went home with cabeen. he deserved it!

this is one of the things michael saved from the sale.
he said "things like this make me comfortable in the night"
hmmmmmm mmmmmmm....scary. :)

g mcalpin rummaging through

table o'goodies

the guy across the street was trimming his tree...and he knocked out a squirrel nest. i was soooooo sad, he was just letting them lay on the sidewalk. ... so i picked them up and made them a little nest of their own. 4 little tiny babes. he let me keep the nest-box under the tree the rest of the day...maybe their momma will come back for them?!
they are amazing!
ok, so this monkey has a pearl necklace and a lace cape...DRESSED BY CABEEN!!!
i caught him in the act, he was just sitting under the tree making this monkey all fancy and shit, i never knew the monkey was a girl until today. it all comes out in the end.

BARBIES!!!!! (dressed by cabeen and i---so awesome to sit outside and dress barbies with one of your favorite people!)
look at the ken..he's got a crop top and pegged pleated pants. so awesome.

these are the two items cabeen walked away with. fully deserving of his gold.

met this little guy checking out some plates. haven't seen a praying mantis in a while, and it was a super tiny one. i'm hoping he's one of a million little babies in the back yard. I LOVE PRAYING MANTIS!


p.p.s. i just walked outside to get my grams car from down the street, and what did i see you ask? .... MOMMA SQUIRREL PICKING UP HER LAST BABE!!! she was taking them to a new tree 2 houses down. man, that feels good.


G. said...

something just need to happen to know that thing can change for good.


G. said...

learned from the squirrels :)

lia said...

heyyy! how are the baby squirrels did the mom come back they are so lovely cute! i want them! i want them!