morning love

pissok is so cute. he loves to get on me at the worst times.
and they always end up being the best times.

soooo happy in this pic. his face is insanely cute. and his paws.

don't i look like i have big bushy eyebrows (like Bert, from Bert and Ernie) in this, and either huge boobs or a huge belly?! kinda awesome. (ha ha) .... oh and hey lizzy j. you would love that shirt that i have on. it was my momma's (hippie). it's got bunnies and mushrooms and kitties and houses and mice and flowers all over it.
oh, and look at the kitties dumb neck. idiot.


Lizzy said...

ah that shirt looks incredible !! best thing you own.
you look like frida. and that kitten looks like he loves you

Anonymous said...

Hey, Frida, stop being so tiny that you fit into our mom's cool old hippie shit...you look hot and I don't like it one bit! Stop, Friday, ok? And he, he, he, he, he Hansum, right????

liss said...

Oops, I made that comment and forgot my name so just wanted to let cha know it was me, Malissa Lee. xoxoxo

kenzaloo said...

lizzy and lissa sittin in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G...