chillin time

tonya, mitchell, adam, brianna, and matt
dewey's pizza is goooood.

tara bell...she kinda looks like a sticker in this pic. i love dog stickers.

chillin with the old school Rudy Inc. sweatshirt. :)

i love fires.

gettin smoked!!! i know it looks like we're not having that much fun, but we are. you don't have to be doing anything when there's a fire. just watch it.

brianna and adam

more fire

"remember that game bicycle?" mitchell said...and this is what came of it.
so awesome. i loved that game. but why is it called a game?

he's only 6'7" or 6'8"...he's biiiiiiig.

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Liss said...

Pretty boys and girls. Wish I was there to enjoy some FIRE!!!!