dear brad

Dear Diary Oct. Friday 13 1989
Today was the best day of my life. My brother and I went to Rusty Berners Birthday Party. He's in 4th grade too. He's turning 10 years old he's nice too. My boyfriend's name is Brad Rowe. That night we went to the Honted tralse. (sweet spelling Haunted Trails) When we were going throo the tralse he held my hand. we held hands too. I danced with him too, and sat by him he kept geting closer and closer. It was my First Date. I gess?? Well I have to go BYE!!

this rules.
ha ha ha


Barcelona2Philly said...

very awesome. you haven't changed a bit since 4th grade. :)

liss said...

Truly, truly, truly AMAZING. I love the note to you from you and how you told yourself 'bye' and the balloon and card with a simple 'I Love You' RULES!!!!!

kenzaloo said...

isn't it sad that i haven't changed since 4th? i think so.

Carrie Collins said...

Oh my goodness. This is amazing. Im so glad you kept this!!