one of the best things that ever happened to OHIO

the sno shack and tigers blood

liss...maybe we can get some tigers blood when you come back! yessss!
we'll get a cooler and fill it with sno cones for our road trip!

look at allllll the flavors.
get tigers blood

look seeeeeee....it's just a small piece of amazingness, sitting in the Kroger parking lot. wow, it's dreamy.

doesn't michael look like he's skateboarding in this photo. i thought so.


liss said...

Hell, I'm comin a day early just so I can do a mornin/noon/and nite Tigers Blood run. SUH-WEET!!! Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

So, what does Tiger's Blood taste like anyway??? I wanna try it...

kenzaloo said...

well anonymous, whoever you may be...
Michael and I have figured out that Tigers Blood tastes like coconut. it's red, coconut.
(i'm sure there are other flavors in it, but michael and i laugh too much when we try to figure it out)
anonymous, just taste it! it's super duper good!