i may have bought the "kiss my ***" patch. maaaaybe.

Dave aka "Jerry" on the right, owns the shop. he's fuuuuuny!!!

these are some drawings. by a boy that i don't know.

this is a black light room, and it's pretty sweet. :) ha

in this photo..michael and jerry are dying laughing while throwing a frisbee over that guys head.
nothing like hanging out with these guys. nothin.


Lizzy said...

this is yotters dream shop.
i want the black sabbath patch and every single black light poster

Lizzy said...

wait.. the beaded mushroom curtain!!

TEAJ/DEEJ said...

Is it my imagination, or does one of the patches have a penis on it? Anyway, this is awesome! Love you! -xo

40oz said...

OH hey. soooooo... why can't i live there with you? in ohio. the land of magic and bitchin signs. i love ohio. love it. i wanna be those dudes friends. and i wanna work at the sno cone stand. and i wanna fake skateboard on mirror puddles.

kenzaloo said...

Teaj- yes, that patch has a penis on it. if you need me to pick it up for you...WINK.
Lizzy-yotters dream shop is right! you would love it too!!
40oz-is that Lia? hmmm you can live here with me!!! you say the word, and we'll be together forever. I WANT TO WORK AT THE SNO CONE STAND TOOOOO!! we could buy one, own one together...and live in ohio. yesss

Anonymous said...

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