michael was in a horrid mood, so i thought i would cheer him up with stickers and drawing and beer. he picked his fave scratch'n sniff as bubble gum. i pick root beer.
they smell good.

i told him to draw a girl...he said he couldn't...so i made him, then i made it look more like a gal by adding a "boyz" belt buckle, daisy dukes, a "LOVE" belly shirt, and some big boobs. i mean, that makes a girl a girl, right?!
(if so, i'm screwed)

the little kitty above...it's for lia. so original, i know. i know.

haha....michaels cat and bat.....awesome!

oregon district. we hung at the trolley stop.
i had a double jack straight up, and well...i helped michael decorate his car.
nail polish and a scratch'n sniff banana "perfect" sticker.
good right. ha
tonya and peach. whatever. they're a little bit in love. s'cute.
michael and new friend. sorry, don't remember her name. oops.
BW3'S ... watching the UFC fights. was a good time. all the dudes i wanted to win basically didn't. but i still had fun.
oh wait, Silva won and i wanted him to win. so that was enough for me. i mean, honestly...he just went in the ring and wasted the other dude. so awesome.

erica and michael...insane together...always laughing.

my brothers rule. they do. and that little one to the right, she's'good.


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