destination blood hound

saw this blood hound guy the other day, and thought i would visit him this morning.
these two are bff's...soooooo.
aren't they cuuute!!!
they were in the middle of barking at me, but oh they wanted to be my friend.
he had an itch on his right side.
he had an itch on his left side.
he shook slobber onto his own head. stupid idiot. i love him
saw that kitty too.
the house above, belongs to an awesome dude named, Zane. he's older, always on his motorcycle, and always (since forever) has a bandana on.
but michael and mom said he's super proud of his yard.
when he would see moms garden/flowers etc. he would be like "shiiit, i've got so many flowers in my yard....." ... he gets all put out and stuff, like he's just got so many, and it's so much work. THEY ARE ALLLLL FAKE! he plants them in his yard and stuff. HE RULES!!! for real.
spray painted fern
just beautiful

michael and i stopped by the granary to buy some bird seed!
my mom used to work here. and i LOVED visiting her. it was awesome.
the seeeed.
random. Martindale's Food Market. wish it was still open. i liked it there.

waterfall behind the old West Milton Inn
there you go, that's the old West Milton Inn
oh, and our McDonald's ... thought i'd throw that in there.
what would West Milton be without this place.
you can effing rent DVD'S outside for $1. gross.

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