columbus and american idol

aw, mona had this twelver all ready to go! :)
she even got me an ornament... she's too much! ha

mona, member this parking lot?! oh man, those were the days...WIIIINK!!!

LOOK HOW CUTE SHE IS!!! in her C-BUS shirt. i heart her.
monica monica monica

this is the one photo i have from hanging out...good times. horrible photo, great people.

that's an old man getting outta his car. i love him. he's got some old baggy pants on, and some new white shoes. he ruled.

hippo hippo

i like this one...just sayin. looks like he's pulling the old "michael jackson" with the black shoes and white socks. pretty slick.

hotel view...not so good. we know, we know.

ICE CREAM FROM JENI'S!!!!!!!!!! the flavor i got was cucumber-honeydew-cayenne...was goooooooood!!! they let you try whatever, and it's all so awesome.

huge fingerprint

the cotton candy christie bought for me!!! mmmmmmm, it was super good. i love cotton candy so much. aaaaand AMERICAN IDOL COTTON CANDY is pretty good.

christie and gary...look how super excited they are about the idols!!!! :) ok, ok, i made them do that...but still...they're good actors.

this is izzy getting into it. dancing and clapping. she looooves anoop. ha

look, lots of people.
that's adam lambert...he's performing, and all the moments where he sang, where the best...cause he is so super good it's insane.

look at those disco balls!

just us, real cool.

mona, allie, lisa, izzy, glenda, doug...good times. doug got his hat autographed! rad.

look at those eyes!!! real hot hot hot...
and megan...she's one of the idols, she's awesome. and so much fun. and aaron, he's in the background, he was great too. just sayin. let's hang out again!!!

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