garage sale...day 2

well hello most random group of photos.
day 2 garage sale...not much to report. i added things. some things were bought. some things were not. i gave a lot away as well. you should have come.
in case you're wondering, front right = strawberry shortcake roller skates. for $1.50

yah, i know i'm good at making signs. we've already declared that.

my dad on the left. my twin brother, mitchell in the middle. my older brother, michael on the right...chillin.

do not know why i took this photo. but the christmas bulbs are pretty!

ohhhhh....look at the s berry shortcake skates reflecting all bad ass.

cabeen came over again, and he brought us these!!! from his garden.
not lying when i say they were the best tomatoes i have eaten all summer.
i tried so hard to share, when really i wanted to eat allllll of them myself.

don't know who snapped this, but we decided that i probably scared all the customers away with the heart painted on my face and/or the tie dye shirt.
mitchell said everything BUT the paint on my face was scaring people away.
awww, i love my brothers.

on that telephone pole, there is a cardinal. and they have the best song...mitchell and i were listening to it.

ohhh...at the end of the day, mitchell and i were packing up, and this boy..his name is Emanuel. he's so sweet. He doesn't seem to have many friends. so, well, he was looking around and i said "take whatever you want, free of charge"...he said "uh, ok"
and whoa did he! in one box, he put books, the whole jewelry box with jewelry in it (old stuff, nothing that any of you would want), glasses, oh and the Grinch dressed in a santa outfit (that was the first thing he grabbed)....
me typing this is NOT gonna do this story justice, not at all. anyway, he left, then within minutes came back with his dad in the van. the dad got out and instantly lit a smoke. they put all the stuff we marked "free" in their van. then got the heck out. (i mean, we marked stuff like a reindeer with broken antlers, shower curtain rings, old shoes, girl clothes...oh, just the most random shit, as free)
if you see me, and you want me to tell you this story in person, it might be better. actually, ask mitchell to tell you. or, both of us?! Emanuel kinda got hooked. but also, proves that one mans trash is another mans treasure. or whatever. he was soooo thankful for the free goods. i mean totally psyched when i handed him an old dirty record player that probably doesn't work. he ruled.
when he put that whole jewelry box in his box, and walked away dropping old pairs of glasses, mitchell and i were dying.
i'm sorry for wasting your time with this story. it blew my mind.

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Stinky Tart said...

I totally wish I could have seen it, I bet it kicked ass. I thought about trying to drive to milton and steal shit from your sale but our car is a hunk of poop