we got ALL THIS, for $1.....no big deal really.

we grabbed some clothes from a bin on the way home from the yogurt store.
they are amazing. i can't believe how hot my friends are.
all this fun for $1...GREAT DEAL!!!

pants and top included in $1 bag. oh hi--hot hot hot.

dub picked up this sweet florida shirt. (skirt not included)

SIIICK...suit and under shirt are included. leggings are not. and btw i would never ever ever wear this. if i was totally awesome, i would.

dress inclulded. she looks goooood.

yellow shirt included.

pit stains included.

billy not included, shirt is

suit included, sunglasses are not.
seriously? really? she pretty.

morrissey shirt included.

just a sweet outfit...come on. i love fashion shows with friends. it's way too fun.


skirt and shirt included.

sweet terry cloth nightgown included.

phillies hoodie included.

sweet cardigan...included.


lynn. said...

your friends are awesome

kenzaloo said...

you're one of my friends...so i guess you're included in that statement! hehe

Polly said...

i would please like to be INCLUDED.

kenzaloo said...

mona, you are included! you just gotta be AROUND. quit having so much fun traveling and being pretty. dang. :)