philly philly

had to put this pic in there...if you look closely, you will see my tooth poking out. just a bit... and that necklace, i just love it.

me and the mouse. xoxo
miss yotter

yotts and lizzy j. wow...you two bees pretty!

OHHHHHH ARLO!!!!!! he handsome, and long...i love him.
that's miss june bug and her momma

juney and arlo...how cute are they?!
my oh my

taking advantage of juney's chub

oh...this guy loves all toys. esp. his teddy bear.


noirohio vintage said...

i love your little snaggle tooth! I wish i had one!!!

Lizzy said...

ahg! that was fun. poor june : ( she needs to go on a little diet me thinks

Carrie Collins said...

Well well well, that man, looks like MY old man. he sure is handsome.... and a bit tubby too