flea market time...

i want all these.
and all these...esp the one with the studded case.
i just love these. just cause.

i want this, even though i shouldn't want this.

no one makes a cone like Mr. Softee...no one.

i heart gunner. and this cone. seriously. the layer of dip chocolate on the cone...it's just perfect. really really perfect. thank you mr. softee
i'll take these too.

and this too please.
yes, and this.
oh heck yes, i'll take that unicorn.

ew, gunner wanted this doll...sick.

and last but not least...i loved him. he's happy, but he looks sad.


malissa said...

Ewww, what's wrong with Gunner that she would want that singer doll? All sorts of wrong there.

maliss said...

i want them plastic pigs!