ohio to philly... road trip

this is our sweet ride...

we stopped at "Bobs" cause i found a gift certificate. ... how good are their biscuits and their dinner rolls?! all day everyday i would eat those.

our mascot "THE BURGLAR"

the black spot in the middle is a kitty, i promise!

West Virginia, dreamy

Liss reading to me...i love you.

oh, she's just tryin it on for size

elsa-this pic is for you my friend.

oh lookie here...yesssss

this sign makes me laugh.

mmmmmm...dinner...the pickles are key
where we stayed, the ol' hampton inn

mmmm coffee and my new necklace from Georgie...

i've always loved this guy

i want that car please.

we went to famiglia AND hershey's

just an autographed photo of Ray and fam.


miss malissa...so pretty
BK burger shots..yes, that's what it says.


it was good

so pretty

back to philly...weird feeling.
happy to be back, but i miss you ohio.

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malissa said...

Ok, am I really that spotty? WTF? That trip was the best, next let's get more trophies and more sisters, ok?