i love you 9th street dollar store!

i miss running into Mike Frank at this Dollar Store. i miss Mike in general (we neeeed to hang out). but esp. when i go shopping at the Dollar spots.

plastic dinnerware, or wait?! is that wood?!

yes, totally awesome.

you can even get used Welcome mats. now THAT is cool

and these things...like lots of babies doin'stuff. that's fun too.

so dramatic. i love you dollar store.

these are some of my fave things... like, you can have the best parties everrrr.


noirohio vintage said...

omggggg i neeed those wood plates!!
those roses are hilarious too

tricia said...

i need those roses

kenzaloo said...


maliss said...

dollar stores make mama happy and p.s. my code word was "huffer"...unreal!