THANK YOU!!!!! (super late)

i'm not sure who i'm thanking really, but i know Alissa can tell everyone who put something in the box for me that i said "THANK YOU"!!!

I didn't get to bring everything back to philly with me...but when i have my own little place, i'll have it all over my house. these girls made me a sweatshirt/t-shirt/drawing of billy/rocks/jewelry/little things in jars/pillow/candy/coins/notes/photos etc. they sent it to me after my mom passed away.
when i got the package i was so surprised, opened it on my front porch and cried while looking inside. the nicest. i'm so thankful to have people around me that care. thank you girls and boys for this package. i know it's a late thank you, i'm sorry.

this package means so much to me. it was super thoughtful.

love xoxo

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