trophy time

my sister and i decided to leave my old trophies in rest stops...she also dropped off some sweet fake rocks.

heres the fake rocks
you can barely see the rocks here, but they're there.

oh oh oh ... this is my favorite placement. it goes perfectly. i bet the volleyball girls that were walking in the restroom as i was leaving were so super jealous of my trophy. it does have my name on it, so yah...i bet they're jealous of me.

i mean, what else do you do with old trophies?
i have more, i need to go on another trip.
i love you malissa


Emily Glaubinger said...

redick. you are brilliant.

Stinky Tart said...

thats fucking awesome, now I wanna go leave shit in fun places

my secret word is dopershn- I win

malissa said...

I wonder if people took your name off a troph and are googin the shit outta ya right now. SWEET!

p.s. secret word is conionl..the hell?