nyc wedding

prospect park
the set up
the oh-so-pretty couple...Metal & Phoebe
metal and phoebe painted this together! :)


Mike Stein and Brielle...THE FIGHT! and the make up.
hearts to them.
the cake!!! or the CUPCAKES!!! sooo good.
and so purty

bill, thinking of so many good things.

warming by the fire.

kisses and cupcakes

nona and john, i love the bunny ears

just a little text message pic.

the bride and nona

Metal chattin it up

oh and look who stopped by?! Cathy and Monica!!!!

and this pretty bird came too!!! Miss Elsa B.

Brielle lookin all cute and stuff.

sisters. one with hat/one without

mona's face is amazing. she's talking about the menu! lovin'it

ELSA AND I....um, i think we're modeling in these.

good eh?! believable?

laughing at Mr. Paparone

see how cute?! i miss them so much!!!

part of my dinner. veggie burger and look at that serving of coleslaw...whoa. generous.

it t'was a good good time!!! thank you.

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malissa said...

♥s to my hot sisters. wow!!!