back from brooklyn...

gettin on the turnpike?

don't think so...the wheel fell off. YIKES!!!
but we made the best of it.
bill got to talk to his dad a lot.

i found some treasures...this is the gravel on the side of the highway. so pretty.

we waited for a long time for the first tow truck. but he dropped us next to...
THIS. cool. theeeeeanks.

this was the second tow truck, he picked us up and drove us to Philly. He ruled.
we were happy to be home!!! thank goodness.

the wheel literally flew off. Bill caught it before it went out into traffic. scary.
what a day. seriously. we are all super happy to be alive. just sayin.
oh and bill said "we rode it til the wheels fell off"

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malissa said...

the side of the road treasures are just that....TREASURES!