first friday back

went to the Chic Petique and met some guys...above is Willie..he's 22 yrs old...and well, he didn't like me soooo much, but he liked me a little much.

this is Popeye...he liked me! i know it, i could tell. he followed me around and he wanted to be all talkin to me "come ooon" "i'm over it" and "popeye" are his faves.

oh and this handsome man is Marty. i took him on a walk, about 4 blocks, and he was worn out!!! he loved me and i loved him.
just look at that mouth! soooooo cute.

elsa and i decided to drink a little whiskey (and water--i'm learning Gabriel), oh and we got veggie crackers, spicy pickles, yummy cheese, and a spanakopita ... mmmmmmm thank you Queen Village corner store.

elsa elsa elsa elsa elsa...man i love her laugh!!!

the gunns

oh and first friday at Vox, Nick Paparone was showing his Cheeto. (amazzzzing)

his eyeball which was his ode to miss shadley

hmmm...what's this? a vagina door?!

she dropped something, and she's cute.

the Lizard, if you will

oh wow, the family. Margaux, Walter and Søren Scout. I love you 3 so very much!

we have a Dub, a CBig, and a Gunner...aren't they beautiful?! (hot hot hot)

and i told miss Ruben to give me a crazy face, but snapped while she was saying "i don't have any crazy faces"...she purty

it's good to be back. but i gotta say, i miss me some ohio.

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