new camera time

these were a couple sweet test shots...
(girls hands in the background...uhhh...)

we decided to do a family photo with malissa holding everything...amazing.

oh yah, and this guy showed up. he told lots of jokes. he only had one tooth...well, only one that i could see. he was super nice, and he laughed at everything. we think he was a werewolf.

look at that sky.

why? why did they take their shirts off in the Walmart parking lot?!
not sure, but it makes for a pretty awesome photo. haha

this was our "eff you" to walmart...eventhough that's where i got my camera. dang.


Stinky Tart said...

I so wanna do a photoshoot in walmart. im afraid they will kill and eat me though, they do that sort of thing at walmart. love the shadow flip off, it rules

Jaxon said...

Oh!! Yeah!! You got really wonderful camera!! I like sky picture so much!!