zack and peanut

the other day i was walking around the city and i saw this dog standing at his front door. when i looked at him, i just knew it was Zachary. i stared at him for a moment, could only see his face, but i knew. so i went up to the door and his Mom opened up and said "Hi, can I help you?" and I said "yah, I know Zack"...
she let me come in and love on him. got to see his best friend Peanut too.
he was an old rescue that i fell in love with.
i love that their mom let me come in, instead of thinking i was a total weirdo.
Peanut cleans Zacks ears, even if he doesn't want her to.
it's the cutest.


maliss said...

You recognized your friend, Lou. That's rel nice. And it seems like he gots a rel nice mama and friend now, too. i love happy endings...of all kinds (lol)

kenzaloo said...

ew maliss. ew

maliss said...