this bar tender last night said to my friend "hey linds, you ever heard of uhhhh-ehhhhh uh, utter hound?" my friend says,"um, no, what's that?" (i'm laughing thinking of the happenings, but i know this won't make you laugh, i just feel like telling someone right now) anyway, then the north philly bartender says "yeeeeeah, it's eeeh utter hound, they hunt utters." then linds says "oooooh, you'll have to show me a picture of it." thank you fishtown. thank you


maliss said...

i'm not sure if i get it but maybe i'm not supposed to...i just like to know EVERYTHING that goes on with you, that's all.

maliss said...


kenzaloo said...

i'm not sure i get it either, and i was a little drunk when i wrote this... AND when i heard this. but when you hear a north philly bar tender say "utter hound" ... and you know that there is probably no such thing as a "utter hound" .. i mean, seriously? what the hell is that? i should google it. anyway mouse, i love that you commented. and i love that you care about what is going on with me.