window kitty...OH MY!

this kid was falling asleep in the sun.


maliss said...

Oh My Leedo! That is a hanthom, hanthom kid. I want to visit that kid when I come over, k?

lizzy said...

i want a kitty like that !! like the kitty at chic petique
i luff her

kenzaloo said...

we can visit her...she lives on tasker! she loved looking at me, but she wasn't faaaazzzed. oh and lizzo, you can adopt one!!! :)

Buy Me a Soda said...

if i caught that thing staring at me out of the corner of my eye while walking down the street, i would probably shit my pants.

does this make me a bad person?

(in the spirit of maliss...word verification is "featifti" as in, "That'll be featifty--I mean three fifty." ) :)

kenzaloo said...

uh, oh... competition for maliss!!! haahahahahah