jealous?! i am.


so very jealous i am. so very


coolest idea ever, plants in the tub, i love it so much, so very much

she's good at "waiting"

they live here...rad.

yah, that's a stick for the handrail.....daaaaamn, cool.


Wesley said...

you are absolutly the coolest u make me happy!

maliss said...

First of all..GO VIKINGS! Next...that sweet pad is SUHWEET! I love those white brick walls with the huge clock and unicorn pics and skeletons and non skeletons but they look like them....wow! I wanna come over to this house after we go get dons at Frangelli's. K, Lou?

kenzaloo said...

yes mouse, i'm sure we could work that out with Wes. no problemo. xoxo

Buy Me a Soda said...

i LOVE the plant in the shower. and that window with all the plants makes my heart hurt. why does he get to have so many good ideas? sweet.

lizzy said...

such a good house! i love the green paint color and the skullz on the white brick

kenzaloo said...