LOOK zack, matching to the one you bought me!!!

love them.

wanted this pink, hot pink, rabbit


oh, weeeeeelllll, what was happening here?
just some little bitties speakin in spanish (which i hate that i don't understand) to each other and reading!!! i loved them.

ew. sick.

hot pink soap = awesome
public bathrooms = sick
soap smell = horrible


maliss said...

please tell me you bought me that supa hot pink bun bun. please tell me, lou, tell me.
And where on God's green earth does one find handsoap in that flavor? I think it glows...like the bun bun you might tell me about, right?

kenzaloo said...

i didn't buy you that hot pink rabbit. i'm so sorry. i wanted it so bad, so i was only thinking of myself, and how i didn't deserve it. cause i'm a hoarder, and i have to calm it. and once again, i'm sorry i did not buy you that hot pink rab.

maliss said...