people say...

great thing to bring to a party. just sayin.
when someone walks in with this, it's instant smiles from everyone.
i'm jealous i didn't think of it.

hot and hotter. just look'at'em.

yah yah yah...people say we look alike.
he says he never would have talked to me if we didn't look so much alike.
i think he only talked to me cause i had food, and he didn't.


leslie, angry dancing...makes me laugh EVERYTIME!


Buy Me a Soda said...

that balloon WAS a hit. people were getting their pictures taken standing next to it all night. except us. we were far too distracted by all that food on the table.

maliss said...

I cannot believe you have that balloon posted cause I just saw that in the grocery yesterday and said to G..."ooooh, don't you want that?" AMAZING! Who brought it? Gilly?????

maliss said...

Please reserve an Angry Dance for me next time, ok?

Anonymous said...

sadly i cannot take credit for the balloon. and i will angry dance anywhere ANYTIME! :)