frangelli's donuts

beautiful and i'm glad i don't live too close


those scone looking things, those are tea biscuits and well, she said they were the best in the city, and i believe her.

she ruled! and if i lived close, i'd be best friends with her.
i'm proud to say, i did get her to laugh.

leslie, paying for a healthy breakfast.

GLAZER! NOTHING LIKE IT! (malissa, you woulda shit)

on the stoop. lovin it.

last but not least...this is the jelly filled. and even if you don't like them (which leslie and i don't really)...you still gotta get one. they fill them on the spot with whatever you want. COME ON!
i love you frangelli's.
will you marry me?


maliss said...

Why? Why do you do such horrible things to me? Don't you love me? TORTURE. PURE AND SIMPLE!!!!!!!!!!! Frangelli's, can I be your mistress after you marry, Lou? Pretty please???

kenzaloo said...

oh mouse, i knew it! i knew you would love it!!!

lizzy said...

i want a donut right now
: (

kenzaloo said...

meee tooo