philly o philly, how i love you

brought to me by nick paparone and jamie dillon...a HUGE makers. for me.
what a nice "welcome home"
a little salad, made from our roof lettuce. yum.
where did he take me?
jamie brought me here. i forget what it's called, but it was so nice!!!
he's rowing me around. yesssssss.

see, i told you.

stolen flowers from a rest stop. so pretty.
why i'm making this face yet again, i don't know, but LOOK AT MY BIG MAN!!!
LOLA and her best friend, the blush brush.
given to her by Sandy Turner, what a nice girl...:)
forced love, i'm good at giving it.
oh hello idiot kitten, why o why did you fall asleep with your tongue out.
kills me
found this little toilet. now, i'm not sure here...but i know me some old print liberation stickers, and this could be one...but i think they're better at drawing than this.
hmmmmm...nick, jamie? can you clear this up???
he's carrie yotter's doggie...and he handsome. i heart him so.
love this philly sky
roof top garden!
it will be better next year. gunner and i promise.
i miss you philly

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noirohio vintage said...

awww that kitty with his tongue out is so fucking cute. looks like a good trip