n'ice n'sweet

mitchell, ral, maria and i went to the N'ICE N'SWEET down the street from mitchell's pad.......UMMMMMMMMMAZING!!!
i finally found an elephant ear. and you can get them all day, every day!
oh man...it's on.
notice the dudes in the back...we became friends with them. he ordered fried twinkies (2 for $1.50 = DEAL)

60th year printed on white paper, just chillin under the open sign. i love that.
i love that they have been open that long.
5am-10am they serve breakfast, and you know it's good and greasy.
11am-11pm they serve everything else, they have an amazing selection.
here they show us their delightful fries!!! yum.
i think the above shot is of a fish or chicken sandwich, but i could be mistaken...
all the photos were blurry (yesssss)
ribs?! yah, i think that's what it is.
maybe more fish? not sure.
here you go...the N'ICE N'SWEET....my new hangout.
the clown and all the food images (i didn't photograph all the varieties) are displayed on this tv. they play as a slide show.
anybody wanna go to the N'ICE N'SWEET?!
that elephant ear was amazing.


TJ said...

Yum! I have not been there since I was a kid. Tonya, my parents, and I used to walk up there and get ice cream. I have not been there in well over 10 years. It might be time to pay them a visit. We miss you! Hope to see you soon.

Marty said...

Oh man... I haven't had a dumbo ear since the last time I went to the ohio state fair. Which has been far too long.